Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier

  • World 1st micro-adjustment sizing baby carrier powered by BOA Closure System
  • 3 in 1 multi functional baby carrier; Hip Seat, Hip Seat Carrier, Baby Carrier
  • 6 position available; Face inward in hip seat, Face-inward & outward in hip seat carrier, Face-inward & outward in baby carrier, Back carry in baby carrier
  • Suitable for 3-36 months baby weighing 5.5-15kg
  • Shell: Water-proof & dirt-resistant polyester 100%, Liner: 100% Cotton
  • Lifetime warranty on BOA Closure System One Year Warranty on Other Parts

Innovative micro-adjustment technology changes how you hug your baby. Dial-Fit is the world’s first baby carrier line made with BOA Technology, the world’s best micro-adjustment technology, and Korea’s world-class baby product manufacturing expertise. Experience a whole new way to hold your baby with Dial-Fit, powered by the BOA Closure System. Dial-Fit makes it easy to find the best healthy fit for you and your baby, as well as any other caregivers who need different sizings. Now you can adjust the the carrier to the best fit for both baby and caregiver with a C-Shape of baby spine with just a few turns of the dial.









Find the best fit for you and your baby quickly with Dial-Fit

The ergonomically-designed Dial-Fit system helps you find the best fit by micro-adjusting the gap between caregiver and baby while keeping the baby’s spine in a safe and healthy C-Shape when you adjust the sizing of carrier.
It also helps each caregiver adjust the carrier for a just-right fit—for example, when mom and dad need to switch off wearing the carrier in a hurry.


Best fit for maintaining the C-Shape of the baby’s spine

Easy and quick cross-use for diverse body shapes and sizes

Dial-Fit is easy, quick and fun to adjust


Turn the dial to the left and tighten the strap until you find the best fit with your baby.
If you need to re-adjust, pull the dial, release the strap and repeat the tightening steps.
Make sure that the length of the webbing is the same on both sides when you make your adjustments.


Dial-Fit precautions

Make sure to stop tightening the dial before the first red arrow on the webbing goes out of sight.
If you try to force it past this point, you could break the dial.
When you want to loosen the webbing, pull up on the dial and loosen the webbing ONLY until you see the second red arrow, and not beyond this point.
If you pull any further, the dial could be damaged. Just remember: One red arrow on each side should be visible at all times, no more, no less!


01. Before fastening

02. While fastening

03. After fastening

Comfortable, breathable, high-performance fabric

The surface material is a polyester fabric coated with Tefron, which provides high breathability, dirt and water resistance. The lining material is a breathable mesh fabric that helps you and your baby release body heat.
The head rest and hood are made of 100% cotton to minimize irritation for sensitive skin



Ultra light weight (660g)


Lightweight fabrics and the hip seat minimize the burden on your waist and knees in any of the available modes (baby carrier and hipseat baby carrier).

*The weight is 820g when you use the hip set prosthetic form in the hip seat baby carrier mode


Safe and comfortable hip seat for baby

Hard EPP foam is wrapped with latex to prevent deforming of the hip seat and provide a soft cushion for the baby.
The shape and size is optimized for a baby’s body. A non-slip pad prevents the baby from falling back and helps keep the baby’s spine in the right shape.


34 degree angle for comfortable baby's hip position

Non-slip pad for hip seat

Better cushioning with soft material

Keep your baby's pelvis in an M-Shape at all times with two step adjustment.

The thigh support allows the baby's hips and legs to naturally form an M-Shape at all times.
The thigh support can be transformed into a seat cushion by folding and inserting it inside the carrier


Narrow hip width

Fold thigh supports inward when use in outward facing position with baby carrier or hip seat baby
(Recommended to use this position only when baby has control of nect less than 1 hour for both baby
and caregiver's healthy spines)

Wide hip width

Unfold thigh supports and tighten with hip seat's button when use inward facing or back carry position
with baby carrier or hip seat baby carrier.


                                                                                                                    Hip seat baby carrier mode


                                                                                                                    Baby carrier mode



Hold your baby safely

We adopted the Woojin plastic buckle and the YKK zipper, which are well-recognized as high quality at the international level, to keep your baby safe.
The safety of the dial is globally guaranteed by its manufacturer, BOA Technology.




Carry your baby in multiple positions


You can carry any baby weighing between 5.5kg and 15kg in up to six positions including the hip seat carry, inward-outward in front and back with the baby carrier, and inward-outward in front with the hip seat baby carrier.
However, we encourage you to use the front-view position for babies more than 6 months old weighing less than 10kg.
It is recommended that you carry your baby in the front-view position for only short periods of time and not let your baby sleep in that position.


Hip Seat Carry

Front Carry inward-
facing with Hip Seat

Front Carry outward-
facing with Hip Seat

Front Carry inward-

Front Carry outward-

Back Carry



Protect your baby's head and neck
when sleeping or going out

You can protect your baby’s head from external impact with the foldable head-rest and
detachable hood.
Thanks to the expandable band in the hood, you can wrap your baby’s head snugly and
Both the head-rest and hood are made of 100% cotton to prevent irritation to sensitive baby

The perfectly-sized pocket


The pocket is attached to the waist strap. The bottom of the pocket is wide and spacious,
giving you plenty of storage space for a mobile phone and other things you want to keep




category                Baby Carrier

model                    Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier

outshell                 polyester 100%

lining                      polyester 100%, cotton 100%

reinforcement       EPP, polyurethane 100%

filling                      polyethylene 100%, polyurethane 100%

size(cm)                 30cm * 52cm

weight                    1.3kg

age of use              3 ~ 36 months

belt size(inch)       29 ~ 43inch

KC certification    CB161A011-7001